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What Is the Best PG and VG Ratio for Your Vaping Needs?

What Is the Best PG and VG Ratio for Your Vaping Needs?

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are among the main ingredients of e-liquids. As such, their concentration in the product can affect your vaping experience greatly. Therefore, there is no such thing as the right ratio between these two ingredients. When you are learning how to choose best e liquid, keep in mind that the PG and VG ratio will determine the experience you get.

Cloud Chasing

In cloud chasing, vapers try to exhale big and dense clouds of vapor. In order to increase the thickness of the vape cloud, you will require more VG in your e-liquid. VG is responsible for the thickness after all. You can even go for e-liquids that have 100% VG. However, you will not be able to enjoy a lot of flavor in such liquids.

Throat Hit

Many people enjoy experiencing the throat hit while they vape. This is common for people who used to smoke as it reminds them of the effect of cigarettes. In order to experience throat hits, you need to get e-liquids whose ratio leans towards PG. Increasing the PG can also improve the flavor of the vape.

Smooth Vapes

On the other hand, many people dislike the throat hit. They prefer a denser mouthfeel instead. As such, they need e-juices that have a higher VG concentration. On the other hand, this will decrease the impact of the flavors. More power can be used for increasing the flavor but the atomizer limits must be followed. Otherwise, you can damage the equipment.

Stealth Vaping

Many people do not like to let others know that they are vaping when outside. In other words, they are trying to decrease the vapor produced. This can be ensured by the use of a higher PG concentration in the e-liquids.

As you can see, choosing best eliquids depends on the ratio between PG and VG. The ratio, in turn, determines the vaping experience you will enjoy.

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