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Where Should You Watch Movies?

Where Should You Watch Movies?

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These days, there are quite a few options when it comes to watching movies online. While Netflix has established itself as the leader, there are two other excellent contenders in the form of Hulu and Amazon Prime. As all of these services are rather affordable, it can become difficult to choose among them.


Here is a short overview of these services so that you can find the best one to watch movies online in.



Hulu Plus does have a great selection of movies on offer. However, the presence of advertising can be a problem for the viewer. Of course, the advertising is still lower than what you can find on network TV. Nonetheless, it is a downside. Amazon Prime has little in the way of ads. It only shows a short promo of the other shows and movies available before the video starts. Netflix is the clear winner as it does not show any ads whatsoever.


Selection of Movies

Hulu Plus does not have a wide range of recent movies among its offerings. On the other hand, its collection of critically acclaimed movies is topnotch. There are many classic and award winning movies here from all over the world. The collection of movies in Amazon Prime is quite good. You may not find a number of recent releases here, for example you can watch the conjuring 2 movie online only at


However, Netflix has the best selection of movies among the three by far. From the latest blockbusters to unheard-of independent movies, Netflix will have enough for you to keep watching for days. Moreover, they keep adding new movies to their collection every month.


If you were wondering how to watch movies online then you should know by now that Netflix is the best option among the three. On the other hand, you can go ahead and pay for all the three services. After all, the total cost will still be greatly lower than what you have to pay for cable TV.